emily wong emily wong stop-motion filmmaker

A one minute flip book animation

Once there is a boy
he is little and happy
playing and running all day long
now he sits down quietly
something hit on his head
Ooo...its an avocado seed
he is so excited
quickly draws a hole on the ground
he put the seed down
watering it tenderly
Here comes the boy's papa
wearing a great smile and a straw hat
with magic he turns the watering can into a little trumpet
with a few blow
the tree grows from a small plant into a marvelous creature
suddenly papa dives into the tree and gone
a Mapgie flies out from the tree
making his chattering 'Gee-Gee' sound
the boy feels very sweet and warm

It had brought happiness and positivity throughout his life
You don't need big things to be happy
small gesture matter